What is the building lifespan?

 The lifespan of a wood house depends on the materials used | PopUp House

The life expectancy of a PopUp House building depends on the materials and the way in which they were assembled.

Timber, which is resistant to moisture, has very good long-term durability. Many timber buildings are over a 100 years old and are perfectly preserved.

EPS (insulation block) has been used in building construction for many years. Due to its UV resistance, it has excellent durability. EPS maintains its thermal quality and dimensional stability over time, compared to mineral wool which has a high packing risk.

While considering the recyclability of our constructions, we make sure their lifespan is equivalent to those of traditional houses.

For future generations, the flexibility of the concept allows for changes in the shape, finishing, and possible extensions.


 life cycle of a wooden house | PopUp House


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