What is the price of a PopUp House?

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Ask more from your home.

Inexpensive materials and a quick and easy implementation insure a cost-effective house.

Our exceptional thermal insulation guarantees you monthly savings in energy consumption.


PopUp House is a research and design office and a manufacturer of framing and finishing materials. The execution of the building and design plans, the coordination and management of the project, and the construction are all carried out by local professionals trained by PopUp House. 

  • Structural study: We validate your project through calculations and supply your with building plans. This study is mandatory. The first study costs 2500€ (ex-tax) for projects outside of Metropolitan France. After the first project, the cost is 1500€ (ex tax).
  • Thermal study: We simulate the thermal behavior of your house to determine the necessary equipment to guarantee both performance and cost-effectiveness. The study costs 800€ (ex-tax).
  • Framing material: All the structural materials and insulation for your home are pre-cut. We then sell it to the professional that will construct your house.
  • Technical equipment: Because we want your house to be energy-efficient, we can provide you with a dual-flow CMV system, photovoltaic panels, and other equipment.
  • Finishing materials: So that you can complete your home, we make a wide variety of finishing materials available to you. For example: interior and exterior finishing panels, cladding, tiling, green roofs, terraces…
We sell the framing material to the professional that constructs your house. This way, your home can be guaranteed for 10 years.


You are in direct contact with a building professional proposed to you by PopUp House. (to learn more: I want a PopUp House. What do I have to do?)

They will provide you with a precise quotation that will include the cost for PopUp materials, the coordination and management of the project, and the construction process. You will enter into a contract with them and purchase the structure directly from them.

You can ask for a contract for a turn-key building, where everything is completed, or for a building left in its shell stage, where the structure is not finished but is airtight and water impermeable (walls and roof in place).

Before signing the contract, make sure that all the services and options you’ve asked for are included and that the professional has all the necessary insurance policies. Note that this type of insurance may differ depending on your location.


  • For a turn-key buildingin France, the price is generally between 1700€ and 2200€/m² of interior surface area (with French VAT). This price varies based on your region/country and the options you choose: type of foundation, technical heating/air-conditioning systems installed, windows and accompanying woodworking, and finishing products. These all affect the final cost.
  • For buildings left in the shell stage (with foundation and no cladding): the price is generally between 1200 and 1400€/m² of interior surface area (with taxes). Once again, this price applies to Metropolitan France.

Breakdown of main stages of building a PopUp House by price: an affordable house

* Price does not include preparation of work site or insurance

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