Does a PopUp House resist extreme weather conditions ?

A passive wood house resistant to earthquakes and wind | PopUp House

Earthquake resistance

The method a PopUp House building construction offers many advantages for withstanding earthquakes. Its lightness and the use of flexible materials such as EPS gives it excellent advantages in accommodating the movements of the earth.

The French Control Office Socotec has validated the building system in France with an “Assessment of New Techniques”, included in seismic zone (zone 1 to 4).

Wind and snow resistance

Each PopUp House will be built as a part of its environment, which means our engineering office takes into account the regional climate of your building. In a windy location, for example, bracing will be added. In a mountainous area, the structure of the house will be strengthened in order to carry the snow weight. 

Thanks to the individual study that our office provides, we can build PopUp Houses in any location, regardless of the climate type .


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