What are the thermal regulations and quality certifications ?

What are the thermal regulations and labels in use? | PopUp House


Many quality certifications and thermal regulations exist in France and Europe, and understanding the difference between what is mandatory and what is optional can be complicated.

What is mandatory:

Thermal regulations, which are basic thermal performance requirements for new buildings.
In France, RT 2012 is in effect for the moment. In 2020, this regulation will change and set higher energy and environmental performance requirements.

What is optional:

Certifications, which are created and generated by independent organizations. They are developed in order to motivate better building performances, and to respond to climate change issues and the increasing scarcity of natural resources.

If you would like to meet certifications requirements, let your prime contractor and PopUp House know during the design stage. We will consider each requirement while studying your project and our engineering office can guide you through the process.

Current certifications:
Passive house certifiation
Label Minergie





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