I want a PopUp House. What do I have to do ?

You have a wooden house construction project and would like a PopUp House?

Three solutions:

  • Contact us and share your project. We’ll get back to you to learn more and then put you in touch with a professional within our network who will design and build your dream home.
  • You already know an architect, wood-frame builder, carpenter, or general contractor in your area and you’d like them to carry out your wooden house construction project. We will contact them to make sure they have the correct insurance and skill-set, then we will train them in the PopUp House building system.
  • You’ve already found a professional in your area who is affiliated with PopUp House and with whom you’d like to work.  Contact us before, so we can garantee you he will be the best fit to accompany you in your wooden home construction project.

We are a research and design office and a manufacturer of framing and finishing materials. The execution of the building and design plans, the coordination and management of the project, and the construction are all carried out by local professionals trained by PopUp House.

In any event, you can contact PopUp House whenever you’d like, at any stage of your project. As soon as we begin a project with you, you will have a dedicated PopUp House representative who will follow your project and respond to your questions.

To learn more about how we work at each step of your wooden house project, visit our Build one page.


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