What is the thermal performance of a PopUp House?

A wood house with very high thermal performance | PopUp House

PopUp House’s building system has a high thermal performance.

The 30cm insulation blocks make it possible for the structure to have a low thermal transmission coefficient “U”, compared to other constructions. This means that very little heat passes through the floor, walls and ceiling from the outside to the inside and vice versa.

PopUp House’s system has a higher performance than the criteria set by the PASSIVHAUS® label.

French thermal
regulation 2012
Label PASSIVHAUS® PopUp House
U ≤ 0.36 W/m².K U ≤ 0.15 W/m².K U = 0.11 W/m².K
R > 2.77 m².K/W R > 6.66 m².K/W R = 9 m².K/W

The PopUp House system assures a 9 hour dephasing time before the inside wall reaches the outside temperature.

Floors, walls and ceilings are made of the same insulating material. Thus, thermal bridges are limited.

OSB panels insure the building’s air-tightness. While assembling the structure, sealing tape makes every corner and window airtight. PopUp Houses are generally twice as airtight as what is demanded by the French regulations.

The thermal performance of PopUp House’s system is sufficient for passive house construction.

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