What finishes can be used for the exterior?

Customize your PopUp House according to your style and the environment, and choose the exterior finishes you want for your PopUp House. Any type of cladding is possible, such as wood, composite wood, metal, cement, clay, and stone. Materials used in finishing must have the necessary properties for outdoor use. Wood siding can be larch, Douglas fir, red cedar, acacia, chestnut, pine thermowood, and exotic ipe wood types (i.e., Cumaru, Massaranduba, etc.). PopUp House also provides wood-cement Viroc brand panels in the following different colors: black (see photo of our office below), gray, white or tan.


Mixed cladding with Viroc and wood for your custom wood house | PopUp House


Coated finish

We use a specific coating called “External Insulation Coating”, which is a screen coating specially designed to fit on polystyrene blocks. This is a solution that has already been in use for more than 10 years in exterior insulation finishing.

The cladding is attached to the outer surface of the house through the cleats attached to the frame. The thickness of the battens creates a ventilated air space between the frame and the top coat, and the facade is protected by a cover.


ITE coating for your custom wood house | PopUp House


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