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07 Feb

GREEN PARK: an eco-neighborhood in the city

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A piece of paradise in the heart of the city: discover Green Park, the eco-neighborhood located in the center of Brives-Charensac in Haute-Loire.

PopUp House and Neoabita are pleased to present you this upscale residential development of 9 modern homes, all with exceptional insulation. Located steps from the Promenade de la Loire and local shops, Green Park offers you peaceful, verdant surroundings.

For more information, please consult the french brochure.

Interested in reserving a lot? Contact Rémi Agrain from Neoabita : remi@neoabita.fr / +33(0) or Laure Liogier from Cap Projet : contact@capprojetplus.fr /+33(0)  

30 Jan

PopUp House: “House of the Future” by France3 Channel

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France3 TV recently profiled thecamp, a “laboratory for exploring the future” located in Aix-en-Provence.

PopUp House, a partner of this unprecedented innovation campus in Europe from the outset constructed thecamp’s first building, “the house of the future”.

“PopUp House is a wood-frame designer house that changes the customer experience in construction.”

Relive the replay of the January 27 2018 We Have the Solution show now!

11 Nov

“Recycled and ecological house” via 20 minutes

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“Ecological, economic and recycled house: PopUp House.”

20 minutes explains the PopUp House concept.

Find out the article.

03 Nov

Wondering how PopUp Houses are produced?

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Watch the digital manufacturing process by PopUp Factory located in Rousset (13).

More informations about the production PopUp Houses.

27 Oct

“Kit and bioclimatic houses” via Le Monde

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“Modular, ecological and economic houses: a novel approach to green building. ”

PopUp House considered as an exemple of innovation by M le Magasine du Monde.

Find out the article.

28 Sep

PopUp House on national TV channel!

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“Having your own factory brings lots of benefits: being in the heart of economic development and innovation.”

On September 28th, the first national channel came to our office and visited our factory to illustrate reindustrialisation in France.

27 Sep

Feedback : living in a PopUp House


Find out how it feels to live in a PopUp House and discover the owner’s feedback.
Provence Azur’s report from September 27th deals with the passive houses of tomorrow and the PopUp House system.
The report is in french.

21 Sep

“A method that revolutionizes eco-friendly construction process”

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Are you interested in environmental issues ? The SMARTPLANETE blog presents simple and ecological solutions for everyone.

Discover the PopUp House process for housing and many suggestions to help save the planet!

02 Aug

COSTA DI VIGNA, a popup house community in corsica

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Would you like to escape to a quiet and natural place ? If yes, Costa Di Vigna is the right choice for you!

This community built entirely with the PopUp House system will soon come to life in the south of Corsica. The domain consists of six 105m² villas and four 120m² villas secluded in Corsican nature, and is located near Porto Vecchio and St Cyprien Bay.

The project is presented by Paul Franceschi (the general contractor), Via Casa (the project manager) and the Lewis Morgan real estate agency.

For more information, view:
– the brochure
– the materials used
– the plans

If you’re interested in buying a house, please contact Laurent Pietri from the Lewis Morgan real estate agency +336. 

20 Jul

Focus on Wood-e-Wood, PopUp Houses homebuilders in Britanny

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The “Ouest-France” newspaper went to meet the building company “Wood-e-Wood” during an Open House showing their final project developments.

The result? “Paying the heat bill is no longer dreaded!”

Read the full article on the Ouest-France website.