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10 Apr

The wood industry in France by Le Moniteur Magazine

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In its special issue about the wood industry in France, Le Moniteur magazine mentions the big construction projects that are about to change the whole industry landscape.

Entitled “wood in the starting-blocks”, the issue features three French startup companies. PopUp House is mentioned for its “ambition to disrupt the sector”, through digital tools, industrialization and the simplicity of its concept.

Read the French article.

03 Apr

Afidial Promotion launches the first eco-passive neighborhood in France.

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After nearly nine years of work, studying, and reflection, the elected officials of the Crolles municipality in the Park district will become the first passively eco-neighborhood in France in 2020.

Afidial Promotion is responsible for the development of this project of 16 T4 and T5 passive homes.

With the PopUp system and its excellent thermal performance, energy consumption is estimated at 250 € / year for the cost of heating and hot water.


This eco-district has been conceived as an ecological space made to serve the people living there

More than 50% of the area is green space, it has a collective greenhouse and rainwater collectors, as well as the provision of electric cars for owners of shared-use homes.

Just a few kilometers from Grenoble, close to all commercial and public services, the commercialization will begin at the end of April.

Several lots are still available.

For more information on the project, please contact Afidial Promotion:
Phone: 04 76 63 06 30
Email: l.ramillon@afidial.fr

13 Mar


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It’s a special series on innovation that presents PopUp House: Houses that will revolutionize living.

In both our factory, our offices, construction sites, and or houses, TF1 meets the various players in PopUp House construction.
The Goal: To understand the ecological and economic assets of our buildings.

Replay (in French) : “TF 20h of TF1” on March 10, 2019.

30 Jan

5 years after PopUp House’s first steps, where are we now?


Located in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France, PopUp House knows no frontier for its projects!

With more than 360 projects in France and Europe, we surrounded ourselves with local players in every region to try and answer all the requests.

Both by the sea and in the mountains

Demand for PopUp Houses is the highest in PACA, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Languedoc-Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées with more than 50 project in each region. Would you have thought that our passive houses were as efficient under the Provence climate as under the Alps snow?
PopUp House is well desired in Nouvelle Aquitaine and Brittany as well, with more than 30 projects in each region. The other parts of France are not left out as there are 82 houses spread everywhere!

25 Jan

PopUp House beyond the French borders

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Ever since the begining of the PopUp House adventure, people have shared with us their project from all over the world.

In 2018, 19 projects were built abroad. You can find our passive houses everywhere in Europe (and beyond): in Belgium, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany and even in Georgia! Local architects and builders are working on adapting the PopUp House building system to their local regulations and constraints.

If you have a project in a European country close to France and you know a building professional there, feel free to contact us!

I share my project

We are currently developping our professional network abroad and we need you in order to find local qualified players.

12 Dec

PopUp House “My wooden house” by National Channel 3

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France3 Occitanie dug into this B&B owner’s challenge: combine luxary and ecology.
In Nimes, south of France, Manuel Mamane opened his doors and gave a tour of his 3 guest rooms and his house to the journalist.

The project was built in 2015 and is one of the first PopUp House’s projects.

Read the french article « Ma maison en bois #2 ».

The B&B Bien Loin d’Ici is recommended by TripAdvisor’s users – Traveller’s Choice 2019

11 Oct

PopUp House celebrates Sciences


This year, the Festival Science is taking place from  October 6 to 14.

Thousands of free events are open to everyone, from the general public to schoolchildren and high school students. Every year, Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation organizes the Science Festival for the population to discover the world of sciences and meet industry players.

PopUp House Team was thrilled to host two classes of Emile Zola High School, on Thursday, October 11th, in Aix-en-Provence. Their mission for the day was to comprehend the concept of a passive house and the technologies and engineering techniques involved in the design of a PopUp.

Our last words will be Robin’s feedback: 

“The PopUp House is a fast-growing passive house that uses recyclable materials. For the next 5 years, I think up a 100% energy-autonomous PopUp House.”

See you next year!

04 Oct

A japenese Kitchen

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Torekov, Close to the North Sea, 863 inhabitants. One may wonder where it is located. Here is a clue: IKEA.

We are talking about Sweden, a beautiful country well known for its crispy buns, great landscapes and distinctive architecture. Last Friday the magazine Sundling Kickén went in the first Nordic PopUp.

In association with the artist Emma Bernhard, Nordiska Kök has designed an atypical kitchen inspired by a Japanese atmosphere. The black and matte color of the granite contrasts with the warm tones of the wood panels to give an absolute modern result. Zen, refined and contrasted: have a look at the pictures and get inspired…

Find out the project

02 May

PopUp shops are popular

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  • popup wooden bakery nouvelle aquitaine
  • popup wooden bakery nouvelle aquitaine
  • popup wooden bakery nouvelle aquitaine
  • popup wooden bakery nouvelle aquitaine
  • popup wooden bakery nouvelle aquitaine
  • popup wooden bakery nouvelle aquitaine
  • popup wooden bakery nouvelle aquitaine
  • popup wooden bakery nouvelle aquitaine
  • popup wooden bakery nouvelle aquitaine

Following the construction of several medical practices, the first PopUp bakery recently opened in April in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Stay tuned: a pharmacy is being constructed next to the bakery.

House, medical practice, store, eco-neighbourhood: the PopUp House concept might be a solution for all kinds of projects.

Discover the pictures of the bakery

19 Apr

PopUp House: “an energy-efficient house that assembles like a Lego set” by Capital

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“After the Swedish furniture giant Ikea, the small Aix design office take on the world with its eco-friendly houses built like Legos.

Capital discovers the PopUp House concept in April’s special issue dedicated to “green business”.

Find out the French article.